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Erica Peters

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What a beautiful face i have found in this place
The moon was my inspiration… 
This photograph just makes me happy. I was looking through old film the other day and i just FOUND IT, amongst my thousands of photos i was bound to miss one and I’m lucky enough that it came back to me. I just think it’s special now. I took it in Pompeii over this past summer. This shot is unedited and i just love it how it is. Except it makes me miss Italy terribly.
My friend Michelle  made this poster for her graphic design portfolio. I just had the pleasure of holding it naked for her :) 
Five exposures. Photo of myself on the right taken by my wonderful boyfriend (on the left taken by me).
It’s a shot in the dark and right at my throat
by a past
i just can’t see
This has been the craziest, most fucked up, most disappointing, most rewarding, most confusing, most sad, most happy, and most nostalgic past two months of my life. 
Different world.